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SD Card Replacement

Click Here! for complete instructions with pictures!

- Power off the gateway
- Use tweezers to remove the SD card
- Place SD card into a PC using a card reader to see if it can be read by the PC
-- If it can be read by the PC, format it, then plug back into gateway
-- If it cannot be read by the PC, please procure a new microSD card or 4gb, 8gb, or 16gb
- Power up the gateway with SD card inside and plug ETHERNET into the back
- The gateway should rebuild its filesystem and configuration from the cloud

Is this a dead end site?  Sure doesn't seem to be much help here.  The link for the complete instructions results in a 404 error of file not found.  Can't seem to get anyone to talk to me about the problem I am having in getting my gateway to reboot.

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We have recently migrated our website to a new host, some of our older links have died and turned into a 404 error. I have fixed the link above and it will now link you to the correct page to help you out with changing out your SD Card.

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