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Not uploading consumption to the cloud

After adding a Atetec Home Energy Meter to the gateway, I have had nothing but problems. When I finally got it set up right, thanks to customer service, the unit worked flawlessly for about two weeks. One day it recorded a negative 64Kw consumption and the next day it had a 60Kw spike in usage. Of course this threw off the daily totals. Concerned that this would continue to happen, I flashed the zwave and reinstalled the HEM again. It seems to be working, but when I check the Chilicon website, it is not getting any consumption information.

Any ideas?

My Aoetec consumption device has been a constant pita since it was installed with my system....why doesn't Chillicon just build a consumption software right into the whole system...after all, we did already put a man on the moon....didn't we?

I am having this exact same issue... same thing the display itself and the graphs have all be (mostly) stable but now the cloud appears to only show consumption when it's more than Net Zero?  The dials are right but the summary graph is wrong.

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