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Resetting the z wave network

I’ve been using this nifty trick when there is a problem with the gateways z wave connection to the home energy meter. Instead of using the built in disconnect process ( which never worked for me) to remove a meter or repeater, I go into the developer menu/ z-wave sub menu and press the “force flash” button, and wait for a bit. This action wipes clean the z wave network so one can quickly setup a new one. Paul

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Paul, you are right, we need to build in a fully automated zWave auto-recover feature. The main zWave challenge is the button push on the device to re-pair. We will be building our own Chilicon Power Meter based on our PLC before long.  

This past summer, we've had two electrical storms or power outages. Each time, the gateway stops working with the z-network. Rebooting, resetting stats in the developer menu, and even re-flashing from the dump file does not bring the network back. The solution is always to flash the z-network in the developer menu and setting up the z-network again from scratch. It would be good to update the software to "self-heal" the z-network. Or, am I missing something?


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