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Cloud Data Collection API

API cloud connection guide is attached. 

This forum can be used to discuss features and issues. 

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Here is a code snippet example written in Python to show how to use the API:


    Python Example of API Call to the Chilicon Power Cloud
import json
import requests

# Credentials for authentication - TODO: Change for each user
USERNAME = ''  # put correct usename here
PASSWORD = 'guest'  # put correct password here

# URL paths
URL_root = ''  # cloud main URL
login_URL = URL_root + '/login'
INSTALLATION_HASH = '5d3b0f35df892efe0e4899922fc7f2a76e37d58205d4c93eb1089b58618d5538'  # can be found in the URL when
# accessing that site in a browser
fetchOwnerUpdate_URL = URL_root + '/ajax/fetchOwnerUpdate?today=%s'

print("\n\nThis is an example to pull some data from the cloud using the Chilicon Power API\n"
      "The user authenticates on the public account\n"
      "with the password 'guest'\n"
      "It retrieves the data from a call to fetchOwnerUpdate for installation Williamson\n")

session = requests.session()  # create a session object to persist the login session across all our requests

req_headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

form_data = {
    'username': USERNAME,
    'password': PASSWORD,
    'Login': 'Login'

# Authenticate
r =, data=form_data, headers=req_headers, allow_redirects=False)
print("Request Headers: %s" % r.headers)
print("Request Status Code: %s" % r.status_code)
print("Request Text: %s" % r.text)

# Read data
url = fetchOwnerUpdate_URL % '2018-01-24'
r2_headers = {
    'Host': '',
r2 = session.get(url, headers=r2_headers)

print("\n____________PARSED RESULTS___")
[today, lifetimeEnergy, currentProduction] = json.loads(r2.text)
print("Lifetime Energy = ", lifetimeEnergy)
print("Current Production = ", currentProduction)


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